Watch HoodStock Records’ ‘Inspired By The Hustle’ Documentary

02.04.16 2 years ago

If you’re scouring the Internet in hopes of finding another musical group that you can brag to your friends about being hip before the sheeples, look no more. Coming straight out of Kentucky, HoodStock Records is a collective that you will be familiar with, and, if you’re not already, they’ve released a short doc entitled Inspired By The Hustle to speed up the process.

The indie label is primed and ready to make their push this year led by three key players: Pinky Liberachi, songwriter and master guitarist who recently earned some shine with to his work on Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t;” Designer Flow, who grabbed our attention in ’15 with his Shoebox Money EP; and Nemo Achida, the MC who’s put in work to make himself a face for Lexington over the past several years. Together, they’ve worked together over the years to hone their sound that is theirs, and theirs alone.

As an appetizer of what’s to come, listen to the Pinky’s latest track “New Exes,” one of the tracks off his debut EP, Love Pink, set to release on Valentine’s Day via Hoodstock and Ain’t Shit Funny Ent. The label’s compilation project is coming shortly after Pinky’s project and it will be the first of many to be shared this year as the Kentucky boys look to take their sound beyond the Bluegrass State’s borders.

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