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10.07.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

Dream Parker, The Naughty Angel.

‘Horrorcore’ Singer Syko Sam Suspected In Virginia Killings [CNN]

Nothing Sexy About Falling Out Of A Truck [Don Chavez]

What’s Inside A Cup Of Coffee? [Wired]

Bake Sales Banned In NYC Schools [Frank151]

20 Action Figures That Can Smoke You Under The Table [HMJ]

Graffiti Chair [Dornob]

Rubik’s Touch Cube: Get Squared Off [Street Level]

The Six Best Sweaters For Winter [Men Style]

Is Streaming Bad For The Music Industry? [Hypebot]

Erin Andrews Peephole Hotel May Soon Face Lawsuit [Business Insider]

Anything Mexican Cartels Can Do, American Stoners Can Do Better [Gawker]

Shyne’s Release On Hold Due To Immigration Issues [Broken Cool]

Promise Of Hot Meal, Free Uniform All Juwan Howard Needed To Sign With Blazers [The Onion]

Bloggers Beware: FTC Wants 11k For Blogger Payola Violations [Gyant Unplugged]

Chris Rock: Sued Over Good Hair [Black Voices]

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