Watch The ‘House Of Cards’ Season 2 Trailer To See Why Democracy Is Overrated

01.06.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

house of cards season 2 trailer

Words by Alec Bojalad

“One heartbeat away from the Presidency and not a single vote cast in my name, “ Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) says in the new House of Cards season 2 official trailer. “Democracy is so overrated.”

If he knew just how popular season 1 of Netflix’s flagship show was, he may feel differently. The roughly nine kajillion viewers (Netflix doesn’t release any actual statistics of its shows’ performances so we have to estimate) who watched House of Cards season 1 would be happy to vote Frank Underwood into office. Questionable tactics aside, the man bangs Robin Wright, Kate Mara AND the fourth wall.

But clearly he didn’t need our help. The season 2 trailer released today finds Representative Underwood becoming Vice President Underwood through his back room machinations. His wife and partner in consolidating power, Claire (Robin Wright) is firmly entrenched on his side while journalist/friend with benefit Zoe (Kate Mara) seems to have realized that she cannot trust Frank.

There still isn’t much semblance of a plot revealed other than Frank Underwood continues to seek power by doing awful things. And to be fair: that is pretty much the plot of the show. It does look like the outside world will at least become aware of a growing conspiracy within the administration. It’s one thing to operate anonymously as a House Majority Whip* it’s another thing entirely to try out shenanigans as the Vice President. That’d be like finding out Joe Biden had a House Representative murdered while sleeping with a Mara sister (he’d be into Rooney, we bet).

Thankfully, one shot that did make the cut for the official trailer from the teaser trailer in December is Kate Mara’s passionate kiss with who appears to be her female editor. It’s only a split second but it should have been even shorter so male viewers of the trailers weren’t even sure if they saw it and everyone was too afraid to say anything in case it was just a figment of their imagination.

Season 2 of House Of Cards will be available on Netflix on Friday, February 14.

* — Quick! Who is the House Majority Whip in the United States House right now? See, easy to operate anonymously. It’s Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), by the way.

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