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Miss Joie

Miss Joie

House Stenographer: Holy Spirit Moved Me [Politico]

A Tribe Called Quest Will Disband (Again) [Pop & Hiss]

How To Wire Your Brain For Happiness [The Third Metric]

The Arts Is The New “Rap” In Atlanta [Maurice G]

Dalton Souders Blocks Two Punts In One Play [Giant]

Here’s A Look Inside Will Smith’s $2.5 Million Trailer To Make You Hate Life [FD]

Standing on Weekdays Burns Calories Like Running 10 Marathons a Year [Lifehacker]

‘Stringer Bell’ Did Not Watch ‘The Wire’ [Playboy]

Czech President’s Daughter Shows Up In Pron Video [Peeperz]

Timbaland’s Wife Files For Divorce After Five Years Of Marriage [The Urban Daily]

Former Georgetown Hoyas Star Victor Page Serving 10 Year Prison Term [Hip-Hop Wired]

This Eight-Year-Old is Drawing One deadmau5 Picture a Day Until He Gets to Meet Him [DAD]

Va$htie Talks About Her Nike Football Society Team [Green Label]

Condi Rice, Shutting Down Good Ole Boys & Raising The Level Of Intelligence In College Football [TSFJ]

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