“How To Make It In America” Doesn’t Make It On HBO

12.21.11 6 years ago 36 Comments

Fitting I found out that HBO’s How To Make It In America was cancelled via Hypebeast initially. Readers of the Gen Y fashion hub would be the best gauge to see what people in that scene or at least those “who try to make it” there felt about the axing. As I scrolled down to hear the mixed bag of opinions on the show, a common hate-thread was on the quality of writing. The writing was done by the same brains behind Entourage, so it’s hard to understand why Ben and Cam’s characters didn’t appeal to audiences as much as Vince, Drama, Turtle, E and Ari.

One would think the hipster-friendly HTMIIA would provide the same results. Luis Guzman’s comic relief (like Drama), celeb cameos galore and finally laying eyes on Lake Bell’s assets should have been TV gold. HTMIIA tried to adhere to the saying “its not about bout the destination but the journey.” But in the pre-ejac, instant gratification information age, living vicariously through a celebrity evidently was more popular. Even if their own storylines seemed off as well, imagining you were Vincent Chase banging actresses and groupies equaled ratings for eight seasons. Hung and Bored To Death also got the boot but HTMIIA hit hardest because it was supposed to fill the void after Entourage’s departure and failed.

The show had many positives like the ingenious placement of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” in the title sequence and again Luiz Guzman shined with another memorable role. If we got anything from How To Make it In America, it gave New York’s Lower East Side another reason for out of town hipsters to move in, showed that Gina Gershon can still get it and miraculously made the phrase “Rasta Monster” exist for our entertainment.

For a network looking for new programming in lieu of detractors claiming bad writing, HBO should consider a show in network purgatory that would thrive in their open creative format. Dare I suggest Community on HBO?


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