Hustle Gang (Young Dro, Shad, T.I., Spodee & Mystikal) – “Here I Go” (Prod. By FKi)

05.01.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

T.I.’s new Hustle Gang wants everybody to know they’re not hard to find. That’s why we have Young Dro, Shad, Spodee, T.I. and Mystikal on “Here I Go,” produced by FKi. Produced should be used loosely here because the beat’s no more than a slowed down flip of Mystikal’s “Here I Go.”

Given his familiarity with the tune, Mystikal also is the one who creates the standout verse here. Just another good example of how a post-prison rapper can resuscitate their career I suppose. Prior to his pen stay, I definitely wasn’t rocking with dude, but now he’s steady reeling me in as a fan every time I see his name pop up.

Dro tries to slip in a reference to 3Krazy, the name-change he kind-of-sort-of almost switched to but decided against it, praise Moses. As far as Hustle Gang goes, they’re cool but I still would rather hear the Tipster riding roughshod with P$C.

Speaking of, where the hell is “Tell’em What They Wanna Hear” Rashad?

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