“I Ain’t Used To Puffy Doing Good Stuff.”

10.19.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

Mason Betha has been the butt of more jokes than any man should be. Many times it has been of his own making, but it’s hard to not admit that he is probably the biggest victim of the Bad Boy curse.

About a week ago, my little sister (who’s too young to know anything of the Ma$e situation) mentioned that the good pastor, the Devil and some Dirty Angels were on V-103. Couldn’t find any clips/video of the situation but somewhere on Twitter Betha was singing Negro Spirituals of freedom. As far as things one should give a shit about go, this ranked so low on the radar that I sneezed and forgot.

That was until K.I.M brought forth this footage (via Miss Info).

All I can say is props to Ma$e for how he got Puffy to sign the release papers. Now, as far as what the actual situation is with Mason’s freedom, I refer you to the lovely Miss Info because I just sneezed again and stopped giving a shit again.

Take that, take that, take that.

Mase Bum-rushes Puff Live On Air With Release Papers [Shuddup.com]

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