“I Love You Like My Wing Span…”

12.14.08 9 years ago 28 Comments

Before they were jizzing in their pants, before they were putting their dick in a box and before they were on that lazy Sunday chronic-(what!)-cles of Narnia, they were The Lonely Island. Saturday Night Live player Andy Samberg and SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone started making their signature digital shorts when they were still youngins in Berkley, California, sometimes making videos for their myriad raps under the name Incredibad.

The above video for “Stork Patrol” isn’t the most overtly funny thing they’ve ever done (unless you define “stork” like No. 3 on Urban Dictionary, as I do) but it’s hilarity builds when you hear the clear attention paid to Wu Tang. I’d venture to guess these dudes have been Ghostface and Raekwon fans since Ironman and The Chef spit standout verses long ago. Tell me if you hear what I’m hearing, or if I’m crazy. Either way, no one can deny these dudes have a knack for song writing, and I’ll be gosh darned if Andy and Akiva can’t rap their asses off.

Lonely Island – “Jizz In My Pants”

The Lonely Island’s Incredibad, out soon on Universal. Visit The Lonely Island‘s website for more info.

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