“I, Was That Guy…”

07.23.08 9 years ago 52 Comments

The problem with being inundated with mixtapes and peppered with flyers at every venue is one develops a calloused, cynical front. I’m tired of pulling cards from my windshield. I’m tired of backpackers in lilac gear pushing their $5 mix on me. I’m tired of MC such-and-so putting me on game about MC wah-da-tah.

And I can’t tell you how many times I heard the name Diz Gibran floating around, to no personal avail… with no spins.

But when I met Diz at a recent house party I noted that he didn’t try and sell me on his party line. We were just two ships passing in the narrow hallway night with no promos, bios or information exchanged. Soon followed the co-sign of a trusted friend, and so I set my cynicism aside and relented a listen… and am I ever salty I turned a blind eye on this dude so many times. From the few joints I’ve heard, I’m like fully ready to splash your windshield with flyers and fill my backpack with Diz-tapes.

Because I’m a little fashionably late on this cat, let me tell you what I know:

1) It’s Diz – as in Dizzy, as in high. And Gibran – as in Kahlil, as in the poet.
2) He rolls with a beat maker by the name of Moonshine who has a slew of soulful bangables.
3) The timbre of his voice is Dilla-reminiscent, but his flow is unique. No copycat shit here.
4) He’s SoCal born and raised, but has avoided falling into any waify L.A., purple-shirt pitfalls.

Some recent realms of Hip-Hip are a bit heavy on the periwinkle, methinks.

I call this The Grimace Effect. Purple Reign.

Lavender has extra’d out the city of Los Angeles. But not Diz. He has West Coast sustainability. Diz looks and sounds like what should be new-era prototypal Hip-Hop… the genuine article. He’s not fleeting or faddish like a ‘winkle shirt.

“Truly Yours” is that feel good shit Diz intimates at the top — steel-toed snare and epic strings bleeding out the soul. A smooth little R&B hook interweaves Diz’s verses about the come-up — cool, confident spit with cut-throat delivery. Don’t sleep as long as I did…peep the shit. I expect big things from this dude. And now that I’m up on him, expect to hear more from him as well.

Diz Gibran – Truly Yours


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