03.11.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

IAMNOBODI - Reaction

Hints of spring finally give hope to the east coast brethren’s awful winter run. So it’s only right to match the change in seasons with some serene sounds compliments of IAMNOBODI and JMSN. “Reaction” sees IAMNOBODI channel ’90s R&B with his signature bounce as JMSN arrives with the blue-eyed, bearded soul fans anticipate from him.

The chord progression, IAMNOBODI’s piano accompaniment and smooth transitions evidently make JMSN feel right at home. This may be a one-off pairing but I wouldn’t be mad at more future collaborations. Just like I’m not mad at these biddies looking right while the weather’s on the up and up.

Well would you look at that. Looks like more snow may be on the way later this week. Mother Nature ain’t about sh*t in 2014.

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