Iamnobodi’s ‘Needs & Wants & Bad Habits’ Should Hit Your Ears Right Now

12.07.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

A perfect world would see the beats on Iamnobodi’s Needs & Wants & Bad Habits go to artists who could do them justice. Then the songs would blow up and we’d have another Internet success story to share with our great-grandchildren during our late 30s.

Real life doesn’t work like that, unfortunately, so Iamnobodi put these jams in a tightly-knight, free EP for all to enjoy.

The tracks sport the genre-hopping stylings synonymous with Iamnobodi. Rap, R&B, Jazz and Soul are well represented in just five tracks. Pay extra attention to “Ecstatic” and “Homie Hiatus” on your play through, though. They’re personal favorites and should be played at high volumes.

Needs & Wants & Bad Habits runs at 15+ minutes and, once again, costs you nothing. Plus I’m pretty sure you have worse music in your library that actually costs money. Head over to the homey’s bandcamp and give these FLACs some burn.

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