Ice JJ Fish Goes In On His Only Competition By Releasing Drake Diss Record

Ice JJ Fish tosh0

Perhaps for light skinned supremacy or some other reason we’re unaware of, Ice JJ Fish stopped by Chicago’s WGCI today and dropped a freestyle over Drake’s “All Me” called “Iced Out.” In the scathing freestyle, the YouTube sensation — real name Daniel Mcloyd — goes in on the Canadian rapper, calling him “lame” and a “bitch nigga.” Lil Wayne also catches a bit of Fish’s fury, accusing both he and Drake of “kissin’ up” on each other.

This for you p*ssy *ss n*ggas that’s in the game and shit man.
I don’t play no f**kin’ games n*gga
This f**kin Ice JJ Fish around this hoe

B*tch I’m out the chain, I’m out the chain
Drake, you a lame, you a f**kin lame
You should know my name, you should know my name
Yea I run the game, it’s a shame
These weak *ss n*ggas in the game
It’s a shame
Talkin bout all this weak *ss shit
Man f**k your chain
Your b*tch gon give me brain
And my n*ggas gon run a train
Man I don’t play around in this thang
You over there kissin’ up on Lil Wayne
That shit is so gay. I don’t f**k with that gay sh*t
I’m over here tryna think ’bout ways just to f**k your b*tch
B*tch n*gga this what the f**k I’m sayin n*gga
This ain’t no fuckin lil kid nigga
I’m a grown *ss man n*gga I ain’t playin’ ’round this thing
If you wanna fight me, I’ll throw them thangs
n*gga I ain’t playin…. man

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