“If You Think You’re Lonely Now…”

08.25.08 9 years ago 51 Comments

K-Ci and Jo-Jo somehow got booked to do a show in Australia and insanity ensues. This is like some deleted scene from The 5 Heartbeats with public drunkenness and passing out on stage.

From now on, when Canseco or Teef go on one of their rants, I won’t declare my laughter with the ever-popular *dead*…I will instead simply state that I am *JoJo at 1:50*

There has been much debate over why in the hell the bodyguard calmly strolled over to the mic, damn near stepping over Jo-Jo in the process. Well, we here at TSS have uncovered a transcript of the conversation going on backstage:

All of the K-Ci and Jo-Jo’s posse were backstage watching, placing bets like “5 dollas says he bout to faint. He bout to go…oh, snap! He passed out…Renardo, you lost the bet. You gotta go pick him up.”

Renardo was like “eff that…I ain’t gonna pick that fool up. He smell like crackpipe plastic, Old English and pork rinds. I’ll get the mic though.”

I’m sure at least one of you guys has another take on what happened though…and you know we wanna hear it.

UPDATE — K-Ci of Jodeci speaks to Hot97 Morning Show with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg regarding JoJo’s mishap

In a nutshell…

JoJo has seizures, K-Ci doesn’t know how to spell “cocaine” and he hates Bill Gates.

I’m puttin these dudes on the prayer list with DMX.

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