There’s An Alleged Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Floating Around?

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09.11.14 72 Comments
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If Iggy Azalea thought falling off a stage was embarrassing, she may have something a whole lot worse on the way. Vivid Entertainment founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch believes that he has his hands on an Iggy Azalea sextape and is in negoiations with “a third party” about acquiring the goods.

In a press release announcing the potential sextape, Hirsch had this to say:

“I believe there would be a huge demand for her sex tape,” Mr. Hirsch said. “Iggy has proved that she’s an amazing talent. If there is any tape out there that can rival that of Kim Kardashian, this one is it! We are conducting our due diligence and if we are satisfied with our review, we will definitely try to make a deal to distribute the tape,” he added.

It should also be noted that Vivid can’t legally distribute the tape without Iggy’s consent. Iggy’s reps have denied that it’s her on the tape and they’re prepared to sue anyone who says differently.

Either way, the Internet impatiently waits for the chance to see Iggy in action and find out if she can backup all that talk from “Pu**y.”

Update, September 12: Okay, so Iggy says it’s not her in the tape because she doesn’t have a tape. However, her camp now says maybe it is her in the tape. Confused as we are? Read more here.

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