“I’m Just That Deal…” – Review Of Guilty Simpson’s Ode To The Ghetto

03.20.08 10 years ago 34 Comments

Taarach and Guilty Simpson

Pic By Kyla

…Dilla confirmed it.…”

Guilty Simpson’s new album will have you drinking Vernors.

Not the ginger ale your mom gave you when you were sick – I’m talking Detroit Vernors. The stuff burns your nose to sniff it from ten feet away and could sear a hole through concrete. It’s so serious.

And so is Ode to the Ghetto.

Even though it’s tough to imagine Guilty without Dilla, there’s not a weak track on this album. Madlib, Black Milk, Mr. Porter and Oh-No – all who worked closely with Jay Dee – lace Guilty with a griminess that should pleasantly surprise the Dilla-gent skeptics and the street-minded cynics alike. Plus there is a gem of a posthumous Dilla beat in “I Must Love You,” that will have heads rolling with its twisted fiery flames.

What’s most appealing about Guilty as an artist is his cadence and subject matters are so for real. He’s a dude who should not be crossed, whether on the mic or on the street. He doesn’t rap about his raps or tell you what to think about him – he shows you what you need to know.

A little insight from the joint “Pigs”…

Middle finger to the blue and whites/ I’m gonna get behind the wheel/ And flash the lights…”

Or from “Yikes”…

Living like there’s no tomorrow/ Happy I no longer have to owe and borrow/ It’s bizarre though/ Cats act funny/ When a brother get a minute piece of rap money/ If that little check got dudes upset/ You gon’ be real sick when you see my set, motherfuckers.”

…So spaketh Guilty.

The man ain’t lyin, people. I’ll be damned if he doesn’t put on a live-ass show. Guilty gets right with the crowd and turns that shit into more of a party than a performance. He’ll have everybody’s hands in the air with bangers like “Getting Bitches” and “The Future,” every girl shaking her ass to a smooth joint like “Kinda Live,” and every dude rapping along with the gritty numbers like “My Moment” and “Robbery.”

Meanwhile, ringtone rappers walk back and forth on a stage with their two-dozen closest friends – all of them wearing sunglasses inside like that iTunes money is blinding them.

Guilty would eat those kids alive.

His mettle was tested with Dilla and Stones Throw, and now Ode to the Ghetto is a chance to see what the rest of the man is made of. This album is rough and raw and full of enough intellect and soul to fill the darkest corners of hip-hop. It’s a wonder the streets are littered with so much out-of-the-trunk burner bullshit when there are rappers as tough as Guilty Simpson making legit records.

Now, grab a Vernors and enjoy a little taste of Detroit. This shit burns.

Ode To The Ghetto comes out next Tuesday, 3.25.08.

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