In Defeat…

04.08.08 10 years ago 32 Comments

Words By David D.


No, I’m not some bitter college fan whose bracket was destroyed by the game. I’m just a guy who likes to stick it to America like any other respectable human being.

And Memphis winning would have done that.

The team was full of young, African-American tatted-up males from varying backgrounds. They played a fast-paced, up and down game. The star of the team was a physical, scrappy kid who’s tenacity matched any one else on the court.

They only lost one game all season.

And who would have know by the way the team was covered in the media?

While everyone was singing the praises of Laettner 2k8 over at UNC, nobody was trying to look at the Tigers. Derrick Rose, one of the tatted Tigers, was just as dynamic all year as anybody else in college ball. However until the tourney, his role & statistics were downplayed all year.

These guys straight mowed through the tournament, including an utter destruction of the favorite UCLA. Still, no respect. The team was treated as a group of untrained upstarts who somehow made it to the championship. The fact of the matter is, they were a well-oiled machine headed by one of the best coaches in college hoops. Speaking of Coach Calipari, I have to tip my hat at him for challenging the media for not giving the Tigers respect due to their backgrounds, the program’s history & choice of conference. He took on the media and defended his team in the face of all the criticism all year.

So, I watched the final minutes of the game. My sheer joy at watching these underdogs shock the nation soon turned to sadness as victory slipped from their hands in a terrible breakdown (see: choke).

But for those two minute before the end of regulation, I watched the game, proud of the ignored, insulted, underestimated Memphis Tigers. For the last few weeks, the Tigers represented that underrepresented sector of America, that group that is always told they would never amount to anything.

Last night, they proved America wrong. Though they lost, the Memphis Tigers played a hell of a game and made America watch these neglected brothers stake their claim to the throne.

Forget Kansas; the Memphis Tigers made me damn proud.

At this point, we might as well cue up some already prepared theme music. Even in defeat, we ride.

Project Pat – North North

Three 6 Mafia – North Memphis Area

So everyone turn up that muhfuckin Three Six and let it ride all day

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