In Photos: SXSW 2012

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03.19.12 20 Comments

Train and prepare all you want, SXSW, the monster music festival that it is, will still kick your a**. After continuous days and nights of lights, cameras and actions, even the most fit body (and mind) will be exhausted from all the action. For that reason, we’re still recovering at least for another day or so. During that time, I only want two things: not to hear music and to just sit on my rump. If a motherf*cker so much as comes around me humming a tune, he may end up getting throat-chopped. Furthermore, gigabytes of photos and videos have to be processed so we’re sorting through that material as well.

While we recover, we offer you assorted photos of things seen on the streets of Austin, Texas during SXSW 2012.

Respect who?

The West.

Skeme at The Vibe House’s “Respect The West” show.

Our Dope brethren’s party.

I’m not easily entertained but they got me with the photo booth at Vibe House. In fact, I wasn’t the only one because the booth was the second busiest spot besides the bar.

Yep, went from not easily entertained to posing.

My hotel had a waffle iron, ready-made batter which dispensed into Dixie cups and, the final product, a waffle in the shape of Texas. Illmatic.

Dimplez and Big Homie Doe’s baby bro.

“Hustler baby, I can sell water to a whale…” and it’s even easier to hustle thirsty showgoers in the SX streets.

Chevy Woods and our Peckerhead’s crowd.

D wasn’t bullshittin’ because Jon Connor’s platoon came deep, waving flags and rocking fatigues.

Respect the shooter!

Pedicabs > whatever else you’ve experienced in life besides sex, your first drug high and things of that nature. For $5 to $10, you never really have to walk. Just shoot these drivers a few bucks and they’ll pedal your ass wherever you want to go…

…And they do it with ease. Our driver turned around, posed all while pedaling…uphill.

The late, great Christopher, the Elizabethan version.

A random crowd shot after they were whipped into a frenzy by the DJ opening for Wayne.

A sober Weezy still seems to have a damn good time while performing. And I can now cross seeing his show off my bucket list. Thanks Rene.

I walked up to Bun B and he prolly thought I wanted to take a photo of him…but I was more interested in his limited edition AJ 2012’s designed by Tinker. Kanye was right, Bun’s nice as hell. Happy born day, triple OG!

Krizzle serenades a shorty at one of his performances.

I’ve known this cat Craig since the Blogspot days when he worked for a really cool marketing group but we’ve never actually met in person. He’s moved on to start his own company, A7, and they make these well-crafted camera straps, among other products.

On one side of this boutique window was a Stalley poster. On the flipside…

…Was this joint. Random, but cool.

A second line came marching down 6th St. and David D. start juking all around. This moment was only outranked by…

…The moment he saw Mark Henry chillin’ in the cut talking to Bun B. D went straight middle school fanboy and I had to shove him to go shake dude’s hand. For the record, Mark Henry is as large as he appears on TV.

Philly cheese was sold in Austin…

But street pizza is the SX staple food.

Think I’m jokin’? Ask Rittz and his manager Scender how terribly bad but fulfilling good that shit is.

Street poet, perfecting his craft I assume.

I told Chan to go introduce herself to Fabby Davis Jr. and ask him to freestyle.

She smiled. He obliged and killed it like always. There’s video evidence that should surface soon.

Donny Goines, master marketer and CEO.

Kane Mayfield is anywhere there’s a big music gathering going on. But, it wasn’t until this year that I actually learned his name, thanks to his shirt.

That’s Lowkey. He’s hosting here. He’s cool as a fan.

Trackstar looks like a mystic man in this photo. He should thank me for doing him a favor. Mad fresh.

Wally Sparks checkin’ in via his BB. More on him, K.R.I.T. and co. later because I trailed them for a day doing photo and video. Stay tuned.

You see the Concords? Of course you do. But note the Red Bull because…

…Obviously this dude did not have one. He was sitting near the can though. I started to wake him up but decided taking a picture was a much better option.

Wally workin’.

We came out of some event and a small group of maybe eight was all wearing the same red headphones and dancing. I have no idea what they were listening to but it had to be groovy.

6th, a few minutes after midnight. A sea of people.

Scolla, holler.

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