In This Crazy World…

08.20.08 9 years ago 28 Comments

Its a sign o’ the times when three rappers with no affiliation to one another conjure up the same feelings about these United States with tracks titled “Crazy World.” Word has it that The Game’s latest collabo with Lil’ Wayne was originally titled “Crazy World” as well, but “My Life” is all Weezy felt like crooning in the auto-tuner that day. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Virginia and Atlanta, GA respectively, let’s see how the madness in Boaz’s, Skillz, and Young Jeezy’s world stack up against each other.

Boaz – Crazy World Feat. Josh Everette

(From the album The Audiobiography)

Moment of clarity: Somewhere somebody get shot right now,somewhere somebody hit the block right now…


Pondering on the evil that’s occuring while you shift through life will drive a man insane, indeed.

Skillz – Crazy World

(From the album The Million Dollar Backpack)

Moment of clarity: This country blowin’ up, the ga$ going up, the million man march, niggas ain’t showin’ up…


What’s more to say? That picture is probably making you sick enough.

Young Jeezy – Crazy World

(From the album The Recession)

Moment of clarity: Real G shit,but that’s really unheard of, when you get more time for sellin’ dope than murda…


With all the politrix behind the recycling of the drugs into the community for “police work,” that is by far some crazy shit that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Oh yeah, Freeway has something to say as well…

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