Indexing The Hip-Hop Library: When Female Rap Albums Get Shelved

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Nicki Minaj may be enjoying platinum spoils for her debut Pink Friday at the moment, but she should kiss her lucky vocoder that she should never fall victim to a situation where her countless hours of grind and grit fail to see the light of day.
It’s not always sunny in the Hip-Hop industry, but it seems like the ladies tend to largely get the void stamp when it comes to putting out their LPs. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes, timing, buzz and marketing all manage to collide on the playing field, leaving the women without their equal rights. Here’s a look at a handful of female rap albums that were buried alive underneath the history books.

Foxy Brown
Item: Ill Na Na 2: The Fever; Black Roses
ISBN: 2002-IM-2007-DEF-730-BK
Overdue Fee: $55.76
One would think that being a multi-platinum success story since they were a minor would be more than enough to earn leverage at a record label. Yet when you happen to be a hissy-fit-throwing, problem child by the name of Inga Marchand, there’s a strong chance that you have the ability to chip away at your privileges. Outside of losing her hearing and touring various resorts in the New York correctional systems, little has been seen on the music end from the girl who help blow up Jay-Z once upon a time.
At least she’s sticking to her birth control plan.

Item: Here I Am
Overdue Fee: $40.00
After the undeniable chemistry on heaters “Satisfaction” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” it seemed like perfect logic that Dr. Dre and E-V-E would join forces for an entire album worth of ambidextrous jams. Or so it seemed. Overcoming creative differences wasn’t enough to get the former Ruff Ryder’s fourth LP off the runway, even with lead single “Tambourine” appearing in more movies than Eve herself and the song being plastered on 106 & Park every twelve minutes.
It’s not like she’s strapped for cash or anything, however. TV One ensures she gets a monthly check by keeping her sitcom in syndication.

Rah Digga
Item: Everything Is A Story
Overdue Fee: $33.89
I’ll beat that b*tch wit a bat! Say whaaaat?!?
Who could forget Harriet Thugman’s infamous catchphrase that had clubs across America spazzing out on dance floors due to home run haymakers. Still, the suits over at J Records refused to budge on the budgeting for her sophomore LP. As expected, she relinquished her duties as an ambassador for Flipmode Squad shortly thereafter.
Deadly Venoms
Item: The Antidote; Pretty Thugs
Overdue Fee: $27.81
Once hailed as the “female Wu-Tang Clan,” the mysterious pack of rogue lyricists with the deeply cerebral mindset, saw both of their albums get iced out like a Cash Money dental plan in a time period when people still used them to measure artistic viability. Talk about a karate kick to the career gut.
And to add insult to injury, the people over at Sprite® stole their entire Kung-Fu shtick for a commercial featuring five other prominent femcees (at the time).

Nothing to see here folks. Moving right along.

Lady Luck
Item: Turn My Mic On
Overdue Fee: $11.45
So what’s the net worth on a multiple-album deal with Def Jam and monthly column in The Source at the time of their commercial peak? Apparently diddly-squat as the mention of Lady Luck’s name generally gets followed with a “who???” these days.
Although she was known to be able to hang with the fellas in any rap battle, it was one of her own who killed her hopes of a comeback when Remy Ma told the entire world she was a carpet muncher in the Fight Klub.

Lil Kim
Item: TBA (Still)
Overdue Fee: $0.02
Oh, how the mighty have fallen into a vat of collagen, silicon and grumpiness. It has been a whopping six years since Kimberly Jones’ last jail-hindered album, and all she has to show for it is a single with Keyshia Cole and unprovoked swipes at Nicki Minaj. Nobody likes sour grapes. Especially when they are damn near raisins cold-chilling in the middle of your chest.
You were better than that Kim! Key word being “were.”
*Editor’s Note — All of these fine LP’s are available on the world wide web.

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