The iPod Shuffle – Inner City’s ‘Good Life’

11.08.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

So I’ve been on a late ’80s/early /90s dance music binge because f*ck rap. Seriously, it’s all attached to a project I’m working on and it’s really messing with my regular rotation. There’s no tally on spins but I’d wager Inner City’s “Good Life” sits at the top on the list.

The group’s techno breakout hit has its hooks on me since its link to Streets of Rage 2‘s soundtrack seems undeniable. Take geekdom out of the picture and Kevin Saunderson’s work still jams all the same. It’s techno by definition but the song’s house hallmarks, namely in the chords, four to the floor kicks and snare rolls, make it easy for novices to digest.

The video’s also outstanding since they shot it on a modern-day music industry budget…except the song blew up stateside and overseas. You have to appreciate those gains from such a small investment.

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