What Do The Insane Clown Posse And Jesus Have In Common?

04.12.10 8 years ago 30 Comments

They both perform miracles, of course.

I lose.

Here’s why.

I’ve spent over a decade of my life being equally astounded and disgusted by the unflinching following ICP has made for themselves across not only in my state and country, but the world. Now, these two inbred ignoramooses have finally plunged their shot of dumb deep enough into my skull that I have no choice but to relay their retardation to the rest of you. In the midst of more promotion for their new album, Bang Pow Bam, the group that’s “never seen a mile road south of 10” has dropped the viral infection called “Miracles.” It’s gotten half a million YouTube plays in five days with views still pouring in.

It seems as though these two chicken-killing and rape-loving royal Juggalos, Shaggy 2 Dope and Silent Jay, have left Horrorcore alone for a moment to enlighten and further extend their Faygo-spraying fan base with this neurotic piece of visual nincompoop. Since, apparently, talking to those lying scientists only pisses off the posse, these face-painted clowns present us with their perplexing questions, asking doozies like “F#*in’ magnets…how do they work?” and touching on tough topics like “the Milky Way or f*#*in’ shooting stars” and “long-necked giraffes, pet cats and dogs.”

Laugh. Cry. Do whatever ever comes naturally and do it quickly. Because, as much as this song seems to have arisen from paint fumes, this C+ combination of a dope beat, crude – yet costly – video and overall blissful ignorance has given this veteran Insane Clown Posse their first bona fide crossover hit.

ICP – 1

Beware & The Rest Of Mankind – 0

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