“Inside The Music” With Outkast Production Team Royal Flush

Jordan scored 18 points in his first NBA game. Peyton Manning passed for more than 302 yards in his first game. Ken Griffey, Jr. got a hit in his first major league game. All solid efforts.

With their first ever beat, Royal Flush got nominated for a Grammy and produced the last great Outkast record. Step your game up, MJ.

Not much else is known, though, about the ATL-based production crew, comprised of Jeron Ward and Rick Wallkk, who have recently brought on Dreamer and Marc Real etc as producers and members of the team. But thanks to a new web-based series titled “Inside The Music,” we’re about to learn a whole lot more about the squad and get a glimpse into what actually happens inside Stankonia studios where they apparently don’t sell crack sack by sack to make it function.

Here’s a short preview of the impending series that’ll be hitting your laptops in no time.

PS. *Skips to :32* *Enjoys for three seconds* *Rewinds to :32* *Repeats*

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