“Inside The Music” With Outkast Production Team Royal Flush

07.26.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Jordan scored 18 points in his first NBA game. Peyton Manning passed for more than 302 yards in his first game. Ken Griffey, Jr. got a hit in his first major league game. All solid efforts.

With their first ever beat, Royal Flush got nominated for a Grammy and produced the last great Outkast record. Step your game up, MJ.

Not much else is known, though, about the ATL-based production crew, comprised of Jeron Ward and Rick Wallkk, who have recently brought on Dreamer and Marc Real etc as producers and members of the team. But thanks to a new web-based series titled “Inside The Music,” we’re about to learn a whole lot more about the squad and get a glimpse into what actually happens inside Stankonia studios where they apparently don’t sell crack sack by sack to make it function.

Here’s a short preview of the impending series that’ll be hitting your laptops in no time.

PS. *Skips to :32* *Enjoys for three seconds* *Rewinds to :32* *Repeats*

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