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06.16.14 3 years ago 15 Comments

Instagram Shaming App Gets The Axe After One Day [Daily Dot]

Why Your Next TV Should Be A Cheap TV [Wired]

Why Does Sexism Persist In Video Games? [BBC]

Inside Tim Cook’s Apple [NY Times]

The World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist [National Post]

Poachers Kill One Of The World’s Largest Elephants [Telegraph]

The Man Who Brought Soccer To Brazil [NPR]

How Dads Improve Their Kids’ Lives, According To Science [Vox]

Are World Cup Referees Spraying Shaving Cream On The Field? [FTW]

Six Charts That Show How Stingy America Is Toward Its Families [Quartz]

These Dramatic Images Show Apparent Mass Execution Of Iraqi Soldiers By ISIS [Wash Post]

Jaguar XF Owner Gets Donkeys To Pull His Car To The Dealership To Protest Bad Service [Luxury Launches]

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