Friendly Music: Making YouTube An Inexpensive Environment Yet Again

07.01.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

It’s something we’ve all encountered. You’re perusing YouTube and stumble onto a user’s amateur, yet creative self-made video only to find its total vision marred because some record label couldn’t stand the thought of 2,000 odd viewers hearing the accompanying song for the lowsky-wowsky. Now, thanks to Rumblefish who are opening Friendly Music, aspiring filmmakers or bored Middle Americans can lease the music they need to expand their art.

When you buy a song on Friendly Music, you’ll be granted the right to modify it and use it in the soundtrack for your online video as long as you attribute the artist and you don’t use the video for any commercial purpose. That means you’ll be permitted to use it for your wedding or birthday video, but not for a product advertisement or an ad-supported web series.

The service resembles iTunes, but each track costs $1.99. You can search by artist or genre, or even insist on or eliminate specific musical qualities.

Spend a little to get a little. That’s what the motto says, at least. And Rumblefish sounds like something Forrest Gump & Bubba caught while at sea.


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