“Introducing Nato Caliph…”

03.25.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Understandably, DJ Trackstar’s a busy guy, but he’s been holding out on us y’all. We’ve been properly introduced to Wafeek, Vandalyzm, Black Spade, Karim, & Rockwell Knuckles but Nato Caliph has been kept in the shadows. I had to go all the way to Austin to find out about him and I won’t make you guys suffer from not going.

The thing that stuck out to me during his set was that he was rocking the crowd and his lyrics were a little deeper than we’re used to hearing nowadays on a regular basis. That and the fact his wife was right up front videotaping and reciting his lyrics line for line. So after seeing that, how could I not root for dude?

Initially, what caught my attention was her mouthing the words to”: “Outline.” A song about love and family. Heartfelt lyrics and a dope beat = a winner every time.

But outside of that Nato is all about self-empowerment and bettering the community. Normally when you think of an artist like this, you assume that the beats will suffer to highlight the weightier lyrics. Not the case here as the beats will have your head nodding. So check out his latest Power ep and be on the lookout for upcoming projects.

Right Trackstar?

Nato Caliph – Power EP

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