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kaylin garcia

iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD? [Gizmodo]

The Top 20 Trash Talkers In NBA History [Dime]

Boat Shoe Beef [Gwarizm]

Everyone On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Is Having Sex, Allegedly [Warming Glow]

Vivica A. Fox Slams Stacey Dash’s Endorsement of Mitt Romney [Crunktastical]

AZ Reflects On The Firm’s First & Final Project [The Boombox]

10 Best Kicks Under $50 with Free Shipping [Kicks Deals]

Bangin’ Candy: Howard University Student Fantasia [Hip-Hop Wired]

How To: Grow A Beard Like Rick Ross Or James Harden [Vibe]

Katy Perry’s Cleavage and Areola Perform Live [Boobie Blog]

Kitty Sosa As Naughty Schoolgirl [The Spizzy]

Has Porn Replaced Sex Education? (NSFW) [Peeperz]

Ann Coulter’s Barack Obama “Retard” Comment Draws Fire After Pres. Debate [E-Online]

Are You Ready For A Hip Hop X-Factor? [Tony Grands]

Nascar Offers N.B.A. Insight Into the Possible Influence of Sponsors [NY Times]

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