The iPod Shuffle – The Game’s “Angel”

06.27.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

Th-th-the way that I rhyme, blow n***a’s mind
Like the first time you heard Mary J and you were standing in line
To purchase tickets to see her blow like Chicago wind
And I’m ridin with Common looking for Chicago Zen
And like Chicago winds, I was once a Street Disciple
Rockin every Jordan shoe, Nike put out by Michael
That made me feel like I could fly, sometimes I wanted to die
Prolly cause the angel dust was f*ckin with my third eye

People don’t talk about L.A.X. with the same misty eyed-admiration that they do The Documentary. I don’t get it. Jayceon gifted the Hip-Hop community two incredibly strong projects early in his career, but if I’m picking one to keep and one to kick out of my iPod, his second album gets the nod. And I’m not sure it’s that much of a debate. Even at 19 tracks, L.A.X. features virtually no gristle. And its highlights soar.

I’m not sure if “Angel” is album’s best track; that’s a crowded conversation. But it’s always the first track that my mind drifts to whenever I think of the album, thanks be to conceptual lyrics executed to perfection (partially an ode to rap, as a genre) and a beat equal parts regional (good luck thinking of anything other than burnt-orange skies and palm trees) and inspiring.

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