Is That A Syringe In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

02.07.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Remember when Bunny Colvin opened up a “no arrest” zonefor drug dealers in “>The Wire? In case you aren’t familiar with the storyline, Colvin allotted a section of town for drug dealers to roam freely in front of the police without threat of being arrested.

Apparently, Major League Baseball employed the same tactic in 2003. The league decided to hold drug tests on their players. This test, however, was only held to determine if drug testing was necessary. There were no penalties on positive tests. Just a good old mental record.

It turns out that golden boy, Alex Rodriguez tested positive during that drug testing in 2003, the same year he won the MVP. Also, 103 other players tested positive. And they all had immunity. Anybody still wondering why MLB is the worst organization in sports?

Baseball’s treatment of the steroid era has been pitiful for the last decade and this black eye is the last in a long list of self-inflicted wounds.

This just end, expect a survey in the mail this week from the government asking “Hey, you ever killed someone?” Don’t worry. They won’t arrest you. It’s just to determine the murder rate.

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