Is The iPad Cannibalizing Apple?

02.24.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Apple’s latest OS, Mountain Lion, is in the works now, and the tech giant has promised more iPhone-like goodies will be coming to the the computer. Sure, some of the features will be great. Like I mentioned earlier, whether it’s Windows or Mac, I’m looking forward to a hybrid, touch screen/keyboard interface on my desktop, so I’m all for this. However, I can’t help but feel that, in the quest to unite the iPad and Mac worlds, Apple might be going in the wrong direction with some of their ambitions. Where their focus should be primarily on a revamped user-machine interaction, their latest claim to fame seems to be full-screen optimization for applications. They’ve even taken this idea so far as to eliminate the bezel on their screens, which so far, is a good thing.

However, where things get screwy is that their vision to have each app occupying the entire display. In other words, running/using one program at a time, a la iPad. And that’s exactly where the iOS to computer unification is being taken too far. Mac or Windows users, when was the last time you guys opened a program and exclusively worked on that one particular thing? Or browsed the Internet with only a single tab open? Most people, even while using Netflix or Hulu, they’re browsing the web, or using Word, or doing something else at the same time.

And the fact that multitasking can’t easily be done on a smartphone (regardless of it being Team Android or Team iPhone) is really f*cking bothersome because personally, I don’t have enough patience to stare at a webpage while it loads. Ever so slowly. So, if I have to do that on a god damned, full-fledged computer, I just might take up smoking them cancer sticks too.


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