It Really Is A “Cole World”: Who’s Responsible For J. Cole’s Album Leak?

09.22.11 6 years ago 37 Comments

Well doesn’t this just suck. At last night’s Arizona performance, J. Cole asks his fans the usual rap show question of who’s hip to aware of the new album, Cole World. Obviously, most audience members were since it was a J. Cole show. But Cole was the one in for a surprise once a fan handed him the retail CD…which doesn’t release until next week. Peep the 1:16 mark and Cole’s response that he doesn’t even have a physical copy yet. Even though it’s legit, the fan’s lucky this ain’t the ’90s, word to the Hoodratz.

According to Miss Dimplez, a few Target stores in the area allegedly got the release date mixed up and started selling the Roc rookie’s debut a little early. Ouch!

Taking a glass half full approach, the NC rhymer can still be happy to know folks are buying his music.

[Miss Dimplez]

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