It’s Been Seven Weeks. Do You Know Where Your Copy Of Tha Carter III Is?

07.29.08 9 years ago 78 Comments

Words By Patrick M.

While the singles “A Milli” and “Got Money,” continue to receive rotation on the Clear Channel matrix and sales of the Tha Carter III have slowly crept over 2 million, Wayne and the album seem strangely absent from Hip-Hop’s buzz lists. And my iPod rotation. The monsters of ’07, Graduation and American Gangster, have both stayed in popular Hip-Hop’s orbit 6 months to a year after their releases. Hot 97’s playlist confirms this fact: both “Flashing Lights,” and “I Know,” remain in their primary rotation.

That’s what’s drives albums into longevity: a steady stream of singles that can hold up in people’s ears for months at a time. And that’s what Tha Carter III is missing. And the biggest culprit is Wayne himself. He’s the ultimate popcorn rapper: the lyrics may be good for a snack, but you can’t base your meals around him. There isn’t enough there to keep you fed and you go looking for more.

Nothing against Weezy here. He released a decent album, satisfied his younger fan base, and kept his name in the limelight. But for Tha Carter III, a year of anticipation looks like it’s going to lead into three months of rotation. And that’s not how you become the best rapper alive.

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Norman Connors – You Are My Starship

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