“It’s Jus Da Way Dat I Talk Yo’…”

08.05.08 9 years ago 30 Comments

TC faded me.

Out of all the things that blipped across Hip-Hop’s radar in 1998, he gave me the daunting task of speaking on “Ebonics.”

Remember the opening scene in ATL where the four main characters were sitting around, joking on each other’s slang?

How many times did you listen to it repeatedly within your first week of hearing it?

Does anyone outside of New York use “730”? Do New Yorkers even use “730”? “Bones”? “Ox”?

Remember when people did transition and start trying to call weed “La”?

Is it okay to still use “fly”?

Did L singlehandly change “flicks” to be non-nudity feature films instead of those VHS tapes you used to pass around your crew?

Could you imagine our world if Stuart Scott or White folks had really gotten ahold of & latched onto this song?

Big L – Ebonics

Big L – Ebonics (Primo Remix)

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