It’s Vintage Dipset In Cam’ron’s ‘C.F.W.U.’ Video Ft. Jim Jones, Hell Rell

08.07.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

By now, I’ve stopped pestering Cam about Federal Reserve. Perhaps we all should. Only he knows when and if it’ll ever drop and he doesn’t appear too pressed to speak about it anyway. Instead, I’ve been appreciating new music from Cam in whatever .zip file it arrives in.

1st Of The Month Vol. 2 is Cam’s newest bundle of joy. With it comes the expected buffet of hijinks anything Killa-related brings. “C.F.W.U.” did its best to make things feel like 2005 again. And keeping it 100, they succeeded, so it only makes sense Cam’s marketing department wasted no time in dishing out the visual.

It’s Cam. It’s Jimmy (rapping his ass off, by the way). And it’s Ruger Rell with a verse sounding like an unreleased tidbit from Streets Wanna Know. They’re all talking cash money sh*t, stunting in ways only the Dips could so eloquently execute. More importantly, they’re all restoring the feeling that turned many of us – myself included – into disciples of the movement when jean shorts were still cool as were oversized jerseys. Will it last? Probably not, but it’s always great when a blast from the past meets you in the present.

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