J. Cole – American Dreamin’

06.01.09 8 years ago 13 Comments

Can’t say that I know much about J. Cole outside of an occasional Loosie or two that have made their way through the inbox. But, J. Tins (keep the names straight) shot this through & since it’s a slow Monday, I’m down to give it a listen. If it sucks, so be it. Only thing wasted is time. But if this mix, a primer to J. Cole’s upcoming album The Warm Up, is on-point, he gains a new fan & I can still find a decent seat on the bandwagon before the “I told you so” syndrome kicks in.

To say he is talented is still an understatement, to say he is the next icon in hip-hop is placing too much pressure too soon. One thing that can be said is he can become a star barring any label politics. He’s got the charisma, the lyrics and the drive. As an act to build even more buzz for The Warm Up, I, along with DJ Tay James and J. Cole himself, present American Dreamin’: A History Lesson on J. Cole for all those who are still not up on one of hip-hop’s most talented artists. You’ll find old songs mixed with new songs. Everything you need to hold you over until the big day.

There it go. Hit the break for the goods folks.

1. J. Cole, DJ Tay James & J. Tinsley–The Phone Conversation
2. Serenade
3. I’m The Man
4. A Dollar & A Dream
5. College Boy
6. Show Me Something
7. Sky Boy
8. Carolina On My Mind
9. I’m Coming
10. Can’t Cry
11. Lil’ Ghetto Nigga
12. Simba
13. Song For The Ville
14. Quote Me
15. Grown Simba
16. In The Morning
17. A Dollar & A Dream II
18. Split You Up
19. Outro/Grammy Family Freestyle
20. Good Game (bonus track)

Download — J. Cole – American Dreamin’: A History Lesson On J. Cole

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