J. Cole Confirms Disappointing Nas Song, Denies It Being Called “I Disappointed Nas”

05.24.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

So it turns out that J. Cole didn’t disappoint Nas. Or maybe he did. Who knows? What we do know now is that there is no song by J. Cole called “I Disappointed Nas.” After Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg shared some alleged insider information he received about the track, and stated that it would be named “something along the lines of ‘I Disappointed Nas’” Twitter timelines and WordPress drafts ignited with speculation.

An exasperated Cole cleared up the confusion in an interview with SoulCulture UK yesterday, and stated in no uncertain terms that the rumored title was incorrect. Still, even with a different name, it will be interesting to hear the actual subject matter of the song, especially if it is as personal and self-reflective as originally stated. Of course, the song could be about how Cole disappointed Nas by being late meeting him at the Bellagio crap tables where they eventually spend thousands and had sex with bad b*tches on Molly. We’ll find out for sure on June 18.

Cred: SoulCulture

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