J. Cole – “Premeditated Murder”

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At some point, people will recognize. Then again, the fact of the matter is some people never will. The story of J. Cole is an intriguing one. Since most who visit this site are adept at the workings of the internet, I’ll spare the details. Who knows where this track came from, but imagining it doesn’t make the final cut for his debut project seems asinine. Or at least maybe it was supposed to.

If this is considered a “throwaway” track, then Cole must have gold worthy of Fort Knox status stored away in those Dreamville offices. Jermaine appears to be at his best when he’s able to reflect on the process it took to get him on fame’s doorstep. That’s exactly what “Premeditated Murder” encompasses. The pride and joy of the first state in flight appears in rare form on this somber record with his normal amount of quotables and the level of introspectiveness which has become a staple of his style.

“I’m on this sh*t as if I was the fly
Some touchin’ skies, no puffin’ la
Man these songs that I made in my bedroom and sh*t
Gon’ finally get a n*gga leg room in the whip
From a Civic to a 7, musta died and went to heaven
Like a passenger on 9-11, please go find a reverend
You see, I promised that I’d never change
But that was way before I made the dough and met the game…”

Trust me, you should be running this one back quite a few times.

J. Cole – “Premeditated Murder” | Download

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