J. Cole’s Mystery Song

07.29.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Slight Hardy Boy mystery here but I’ll let DDot explain it since he seems to privy to pertinent info related to the track.

“So I been sitting on this J. Cole track for over a month and in doing so I’ve manage to have a hand/say in what the final product of this may be. There’s going to be a singer featured on the hook, not sure exactly who or more so that I can’t say at this time but you’ll be surprised if it’s who I want it to be. In any case, “other” guys are calling the song “Problems” but the fact is, there isn’t a name for it but here’s a tagless version of this unfinished track.”

As it stands, the unfinished song is okay at best. Jonsin’ rarely misses on a beat and his offering here is slightly different from his usual approach but still scores. Cole’s verses throw out a little social commentary from a first person point of view and the potential’s there for it to be great song…or completely flounder if a generic singer or chorus shows up and screws up. I guess that sums up Cole’s whole situation right now as the rap world waits to see which way his debut album goes, and thus, the early indicators of his career.

J. Cole – “Untitled” (Prod. By Jim Jonsin’) | Download

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