Back To The ‘Lac: 12 J. Holiday Songs Mandatory For Your iTunes Library

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Here’s the deal. Roughly three weeks ago in a GroupMe chat with friends from the DMV and New York, my homies Sophia, Ashley and Stephanie (who’s actually from Cali) tossed an idea my way.

J. Holiday’s catalog fails to receive the credit it probably should.

They were right, too. Because of assumed his hiatus (mainly due to label politcs), Holiday’s music had in many ways been left in the past. Unbeknownst to myself at the time, the D.C. native released his third album, Guilty Conscience, in January – the first since 2009’s Round 2 – which wasn’t too shabby to be honest. The new project also got me to thinking however. Why not highlight a handful of some of his better records since his arrival in 2007?

So you know what? I did. The next 12 slides aren’t a say-all, end-all, be-all comprehensive list on the man born Nahum Grymes, but an acceptable crash course nonetheless.* Follow along (after putting your headphones on at work, of course). Things could get raunchy.

* – Yeah, I figured his name was like Jason Holiday, too. Go figure.

J. Holiday – “Make That Sound”

He’s a R&B singer. The song is called “Make That Sound.” It shouldn’t require a rocket scientist to know this shouldn’t played driving grandma to church on Easter Sunday.

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J. Holiday – “Thinkin’ About You”

Only in R&B can the lyrics “You may not be wifey material, but I don’t care!” come off as the sweetest thing a man can say to a woman.

Aside from that, the song – featured on the aforementioned Guilty Conscience – is groovy as all hell.

J. Holiday – “Suffocate”

I say this with total confidence. The Dream and Christopher ‘Tricky’ Stewart are one of the greatest songwriter-producer combinations of my lifetime. And “Suffocate” – co-written by Terius and produced by Tricky – is one of those R&B singles that has aged immaculately over time.

J. Holiday – “Heaven”

Don’t worry, for all those who still believe in being a one woman man/one man woman, Holiday’s got that covered, too.

J. Holiday – “It’s Yours”

Or as it is otherwise known as “that J. Holiday single that’s not ‘Bed’ or ‘Suffocate’ your lady absolutely adores.”

Lloyd Ft. J. Holiday – “Revealed”

It’s almost as if this largely swept-under-the-rung 2013 cut was written exactly for Chris Brown and Drake.

Speaking of, it’s about time for Lloyd to drop new music, too.

Three worthwhile thoughts:

1. Many confuse “Bed” for his first look inside the Grammy-nominated Back Of My ‘Lac, but “Be With Me” is the owner of the distinction.

2. This is definitely a music video because Ben’s Chili Bowl is rarely that empty. Nor is U Street, for that matter. FYI, Ben’s Next Door – literally next door – makes some rather spectacular Long Islands pending you don’t mind forking over a pretty penny for them.

3. Du-rags under the hat was so 2007.

J. Holiday – “Run Into My Arms”

Vintage fall, pre-cuffin’ season music. But the real winner of this song? The YouTube comments.


I’m pretty sure “Run Into My Arms” isn’t slang for “let me accidentally rub against your breasts by the water cooler.” Kelli better #StayWoke.

J. Holiday – “Fall”

Despite debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 in 2009, Round 2 never had a “Bed” or “Suffocate” to give it the credibility it deserved.

It deserved the cred, too, with well-sequenced records and single-worthy cuts. “Fall” being one of them.

J. Holiday – “Cloud 9”

See, I told you. Guilty Conscience wasn’t a bad comeback record.

But also, file this under the “for special occasions” playlist. Grandma doesn’t need to hear about tongues being in special places unless referencing communion.

J. Holiday – “Lights Go Out”

True story, I found this video on YouTube and I wasn’t sure if I had blacked out and accidentally clicked on the “Ebony” tab at (under no circumstances should you visit said site at work unless you A) don’t mind getting fired or B) work at the coolest damn job on the planet).

However, it is an accurate representation of what happens when “Lights Go Out” is played at the most appropriate time.

J. Holiday – “Bed”

Jump up in that thing like:

Stair Jump

Focus on a spot on the wall and keep going:

Ace Ventura gif

Confidence is key. Can’t let her go back and tell her friends you played “Bed” and didn’t deliver the goods:


Annnnnnd, dismount like a boss:

Dismount gif

Congrats, champ. You’ve only got three minutes of the song left.

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