Jabee – “Catch The Feeling” Video

07.17.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

jabee catch the feeling video

Seven quick thoughts on Jabee, King Thelonious and “Catch The Feeling.”

1. I bumped into Jabee at a show last night. He’s an opener for the Run The Jewels show*. I missed his set but he came up and introduced himself. Never heard of him before last night but I’ll always remember him because he said he’s originally from Oklahoma City. The only people I know from OKC are this one wild kid named Claude and the Thunder of course. Well, I don’t know anybody on the Thunder’s roster but you get the point. Being a rapper from OKC seems like something that would stick out in a portfolio.

2. Jabee’s “Catch The Feeling” made me realize that he and I are a lot alike. As he run’s down rap’s deep history that influenced him, I’m reminded how wide open music can be when you’re not tied to a specific style, sound or niche group of artists. When you’re from a proverbial nowhere, you’re able to take in all types of information from everywhere else.

3. He hit me with what I call “the Guru” aka the monologue Keithy E. kicked on “Intro (The First Step).” My man gave me a pound and a compliment, then told me he’d send me some heat. Respect that.

4. Let me restate this once more – Thelonius Martin can not miss right now. Period. The man’s earned his “King Thelonious” nickname through sheer quality output.

5. Impressive use of the Mo’ Better Blues soundbite and Andre 3K’s voice.

6. The redbone in the video is proof positive that my God is an awesome God.

7. Jabee and Thelonious have a joint project out titled As It Is In Heaven, which can be obtained for free by clicking here.

* — Run The Jewels show is f*cking awesome.

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