Jadakiss And Styles P Kidnap Kanye

10.06.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

Ok, they didn’t actually kidnap Kanye, but they did snatch his beat and proceed to throw it in the Hudson River with cinder blocks tied to its ankles. Prior to listening, my only concern was that ‘Kiss and Styles were going to use that alley-oop type flow they’ve made infamous throughout the years. Granted, it has worked on certain occasions, but give me a record where they each spazz for 24-32 bars respectively any day of the week. Twice on Tuesday.

Good things come to those who write and my prayers were answered. The two-thirds of The LOX tee off on the “So Appalled” instrumental and by its conclusion, a temporary bitter beer face should be your form of expression. Styles has always been the rapper to make me like I could rob Fort Knox with a butter knife and a car with a half tank of gas. Nothing changes here as he emits the usual aggressive mentality embodied since the days of Christopher Wallace. On the subject of Jadakiss? Well, he just continues to assure that he is one of the deadliest verse for verse rappers in existence.

“I’m so sick of it
Run up in your crib just for sake of stickin’ it
Yeah, I’m ridiculous
I know this is Kanye’s track, but I’m Kiss’n it
Still laughin’ at these cats like I’m ticklish
Just something about that sh*t, I like flippin’ it
The world’s back on my dick, I’m Mike Vick’n it.”

I mean that sh*t is, f*ckin’ ridiculous. No old school rappers were harmed in making of this freestyle though. I think.


Download — Jadakiss & Styles P – “So Appalled Freestyle”

Respect: UHTN

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