The iPod Shuffle: Jadakiss Feat. Styles P – “Kiss Of Death”

05.11.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

Jadakiss may very well never meet his mainstream potential. Despite having a skill set that’s allowed him to work with anyone worth mentioning in Hip-Hop, the leader of The Lox has always managed to sidestep success on a major scale. However, while set-backs ranging from label issues to beef with would-be allies have always seemed to veer him of course, it might be his hard-headed sense of keeping it 100 that’s never allowed him to become a household name. And, while that choice is commendable in some circles, it’s also probably the reason well-rounded albums like Kiss Of Death occasionally get knocked and end up forgotten.

In 2004, this was supposed to be his breakout LP, but even with Mariah Carey, Nate Dogg, Kanye West, Eminem and a legitimate hit in “Why?” all featured, most folks still couldn’t tell you the last time that album entered their rotation. But, it might have something to do with the fact that despite such high-profile highlights, the best song on the album was still the hard-nosed title-track, which essentially just featured Jada doing Jada. Full of the raspy flows and street-wise wordplay that’s made him one of the game’s most sought-after features for years, this menacing cut is and was the essence of the former Bad Boy, which is basically a double-edged sword that allows him to challenge anyone, expect an audience that pays to hear his talents.

Actually, you might just call that dilemma his “Kiss Of Death.”

Jadakiss Feat. Styles P – “Kiss Of Death”

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