Jahshua Smith Ft. Mic Write & Rafael – “-Censored-“

11.30.12 5 years ago

“Even though they cut us from the news, here’s the deleted scenes”

Whether it’s trapped out or ready for the dance floor, most rappers deliver some amped-up radio-friendly joint as the lead single from their debut LP. However, Jahshua Smith is far from most rappers and instead chose the socially-conscious “-Censored-” to kick off his Final Season full-length and Pro Black Cool movement. Turning StewRAT’s sample-oriented production into a megaphone and picket sign, the 313 MC and his Michigan-made associates deliver bars of built-up angst and stand up for the rights of everyone who deserve better.

Considering that’s the majority of us, I fully expect most of you to raise up and leave having learned a thing or two.

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