#SummerIsSerious, And So Is James Harden’s Lesson On Euro-Stepping

08.02.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

james harden eurostep nike video

I tried to Euro-step once. Just know I never tried it again after that.

It’s James Harden’s time to dominate Nike Basketball’s #SummerIsSerious campaign. For his first lesson, Professor Beard gives a quick and informative lesson on the art of Euro-stepping. And for the lucky bastards who are selected to hoop for Harden’s squad, there’s only three rules to remember.

1. If pulling off a Euro-step is necessary, make sure it’s done right. Doing a Euro-step wrong in front of The Beard is like air balling a finger roll with George Gervin as coach. Or dribbling the ball off your foot attempting to perform a crossover with Allen Iverson watching.

2. Memorize rule #1.

3. The first two are completely made up and not endorsed by Nike or James Harden. Yet.

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