James Harrison Apologizes, Wants To Remain A Steeler

07.15.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison issued a statement on Facebook yesterday, looking to put out a few of the fires created by his Men’s Journal interview which ripped his teammates, the league & specifically Commissioner Goodell. The only problem is you can’t put shattered glass back together. Harrison insists that his comments regarding Big Ben, the Super Bowl loss and Roger Goodell were taken out of context. I, for one, believe him, and think the article likely was published in an inflammatory context. But the fact of the matter is regardless of how his comments were presented, the linebacker’s words were detrimental to the functionality of the team.

And Mr. Rooney does not approve of such behavior. We saw it with Plaxico Burress. We saw it with Santonio Holmes. We almost saw it with Ben Roethlisberger and we may see it with again Hines Ward thanks to his DUI. James Harrison may also very likely be added to the list of victims of the Steelers’ owner’s swift axe of justice. But the former Defensive Player of the Year’s immediate and sincere-sounding, yet still candid apology was the right move to make at this juncture. He just needs to lay low for a while and show the team that he won’t make the same mistakes again. Rooney did forgive Big Ben for much worse (more than once), so there’s still definitely a solid chance that in a couple months Harrison will be back in that familiar black and yellow, terrorizing opposing quarterbacks again.

And for those of you who are thinking the players are still on strike, word on the block is that with a potential salary-cap agreement the lockout may be coming to an end, at long last.

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