“Notorious Precious”

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“Precious” star Gabby Sidibe had quite a week for herself, making an Oscar appearance and being lauded by Oprah. In a short matter of time, Howard Stern was doing his best to swipe the wind beneath her wings. Stern went all in by saying her time in Hollywood was limited, referring to her as “the most enormous, fat black chick” he’s ever seen and going so far as to say she was “too fat” to have a career (feel free to listen here). All-around ouch.

Is she the first hefty actress to hit the screen? The first dark chocolate morsel? Nope. Might Stern have a point? Yes, in a pessimistic way of thinking.

Somehow, I ended up catching the final three Oscar award presentations, an act akin to an eclipse. When I saw Oprah appear on the stage to do the introductory speech, I first wondered “where the hell is Stedman at?” Shifting thoughts quickly, I realized how dope it is to have Oprah as one of your strongest supporters and perhaps patron. But like Stern, I kind of felt like O was shoveling shit and everyone in the room should pull their trouser legs up.

“A long career”? Every actor and actress has started their career with naysayers telling them why they couldn’t achieve, many starting with their family attempting to have them rethink their career choice. A friend told me “But don’t you think Whoopi was told the same things starting out? That there were no roles made for her in Hollywood?” Damn right & point taken.

But shit yo. Precious (should we stop calling her Precious at this point?) surely does have the cards stacked against her. I haven’t watched the movie (probably never will) so don’t look to me for an informed opinion on her theatrical skills. Maybe she has the talent to triumph against all odds and could turn in another Oscar-worthy performance. I’m a hopeful optimist in all things, but I’m also a realist. If she indeed was on her way to college classes when she detoured to audition for the movie, I hope she continues her education. Just like a pro athlete or any other entertainer, stardom is short lived and the checks are probably shorter if you don’t know how to manage your bread. Considering Oprah loves her though, maybe she’ll back old girl and be her patron. Then, she could work @ Oxygen in some capacity and live in the poolhouse with Stedman.

Anyways, the point of this post was to share Jamie Foxx chiming in on the Stern versus Gabby situation and throwing in a few funnies. Don’t ask me how the hell I got that far off track.

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