Your Daily Funk – Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep”

11.29.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

It had probably been at least five years since I’d heard anything from Janet’s 1997 album, The Velvet Rope, until recently stumbling upon this Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam-produced gem and immediately implementing it into regular rotation. Perfect for anyone who appreciates positive vibes and has good taste in tunes, this sweat-inducer is layered with thumping synth bass and enough elegant details to turn out everything from a neighborhood house party to a showroom at Macy’s.

Actually, this has gotten so many spins recently, I went out and bought the whole album – which is packed with so many forgotten hits (“Got ‘Til It’s Gone” x “I Get Lonely” x “Together Again”) it makes you realize how prolific Micheal’s sister was, despite getting half the attention.

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