Jarren Benton Ft. Pounds – ‘Judge Mathis’

10.16.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

jarren benton judge mathis

“Just because they’re dressed like f****ts doesn’t mean they’re Illuminati”

Listening to a track like “Judge Mathis” just reaffirms that Funk Volume’s lyrical enforcer will rap circles around 90% of hip-hop. Despite being relatively laid back, the latest release from Benton’s weekly #BlackOctober series finds the ATL rapper weaving amidst producer 8Track’s heavy drum kit, dropping easily visualized lines that accentuate his twisted mind and slide off his tongue with ease. However, what makes Jarren special is that not only does he have an advanced skill set, but his personality is equally electric, making him the total package.

Hopefully Jarren’s upcoming new EP allows him to drop some even bigger tracks that really allow his character to break through to a wider audience.

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