Jarv Dee Ft. Cam The Mac – ‘Guns Around’ Video

08.17.14 4 years ago

“See, it’s not about violence or gang banging, none of that sh*t, it’s about self-protection, you know, self-determination. I mean, I got the right to stay alive by any means necessary. We out here every day not knowing who may mean us harm, and it’s not like the police are going to protect us. I mean sh*t, they’d rather pull us over, breakin’ our arms, beatin’ us down, shoot us in cold blood, on camera, or in public, or in private, sh*t, and they’ll probably get away with that sh*t. And the city got they back, so I guess we just got our own.”

In the introductory monologue to “Guns Around,” Jarv Dee couldn’t more accurately pinpoint a better reason to exercise your rights and stay strapped. In a tone of growing incredulously, he starts to sound bewildered that anyone wouldn’t have a gun for self protection.

While the song isn’t as sobering as that intro, it does give one some food for thought. But, don’t think too hard about the Second Amendment so as to miss Jarv Dee and Cam The Mac getting a little goony over Raised By Wolves’ seeding production as the song picks up. All in all, I’d much rather have the piece around than not.

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