Jay Electronica Exhales On Twitter, Calls Out So-Called Thugs & Cowards

04.04.14 4 years ago 21 Comments

The last time Jay Electronica went on a Twitter spree, he acknowledged Jack Daniels as his impetus but he kept it light and entertaining.

Not this Friday morning.

Today, Mr. Exhibit C woke up with energy–and I’m assuming he’s sober since it’s still mad early. He spent the better part of an hour sending out measured messages that criticize “so-called thugs” and “cowards” who will attack their brother yet wouldn’t do anything to defend him against crooked forces. Electronica questions the motives of media and labels, why nobody’s cracked George Zimmerman’s cantaloupe yet and refers to the “art industries” as a circus.

Towards the end of his moment to exhale, Jay shared a link to the video below, which published Tuesday night and was viral by early Wednesday. In it, there’s a New Orleans police officer forcing his way into a man’s home, forcing him down and the two struggle for what seems like forever while a bystander records the incident using a phone.

We watched it around the e-office yesterday but couldn’t find a context for what caused the events. If I was reading Electronica’s mind, he’s frustrated and discouraged by the “Don’t shoot me sir, please don’t shoot me sir” that can clearly be heard by the man in the video.

As of Friday morning, the YouTube description’s been updated with a link to news coverage of the incident involving Donrell Breaux and a Jefferson Parrish police deputy. Right now, it’s Breaux’s version of the story versus the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office’s take on the events.

The artist followed up the first clip with an older police incident video. And at this point, I can’t tell you what to think. People are quick to call any succession of tweets a rant, but that’s unfair here. He used Twitter to share his thoughts and while we can assume his tone, we don’t know if he was angry, sad or simply reflecting. What you infer from his message is what you infer, so we’ll leave that for you to interpret.

Now, to quote Jay, “#TurnUp #OGBobbyJohnson.”

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