The iPod Shuffle – Jay Z’s ‘Allure’

09.01.14 3 years ago 43 Comments
Z100’s Jingle Ball 2003 - Show


“I never felt more alive than riding shotgun
In Klein’s green 5, until the cops pulled guns
And I tried to smoke weed to give me the fix I need –
What the game did to my pulse – with no results
And you can treat your nose and still won’t come close
The game is a lightbulb with eleventy-million volts…”

Jay noted in 2012 “Allure” was his favorite of his career. For good reason, too. If Jay would’ve held true to his word and quit rap after 2003’s The Black Album, bowing out with “Allure” as one of his final recordings would have been a swan song for the ages. And while Vol. 1’s “You Must Love Me” may forever take the cake as Shawn Carter’s GOAT song (in yours truly’s humble opinion), the Pharrell-produced linchpin very much so falls in the top five.

From an instrumental so immaculate it probably runs on loop at lounges in heaven right down to Jay’s autobiographical love of the game, it’s one of the handful of perfect records from a catalog that officially began 18 years ago.

Bonus: Because this clip will never, ever in a million years get old.

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